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Title: Wake Up II Author: Mel and Jay (with letter input from Jo)… - [Viva la Vu]
Title: Wake Up II
Author: Mel and Jay (with letter input from Jo)
Warnings: sibling teasing?
Disclaimer: J.K.Rowling owns and ruins all people part of the Harry Potter universe. We just make it better.
Summary: George wakes up (finally).

Wake Up II

Arthur Weasley looked happily at his children as they all stood around Fred's bed. They were all chatting merrily, happy to know he was awake. One of his children, however, was at an opposite bed.

Ginny Weasley sat on the edge of George's bed, looking worried. Noticing this, and that it was almost lunch time, he turned to Fred. "Are you lot hungry yet? I'm feeling a craving for that wonderful apple betty they have down in the lunch hall," he smiled kindly to Ginny, and she nodded, realizing he was giving her a moment alone with him.

Fred was reluctant to go, as his twin was not yet awake, but after a look to Ginny and the hand of his father on his shoulder, he realized that sitting at his brother's bedside without food was starting to be unhealthy. He nodded once before standing and forcing a smile on his face for his family. As the group made their way to the lunch hall Ginny smiled hopefully at George, wishing he would wake up.

George, though, was still sleeping. The small movements of his chest and the projections around him were the only indications that he was alive. After a long few moments in the silent room, though, one of the screens changed just slightly. The one monitoring his heart rate picked up just a little and his breathing got a little deeper. Soon enough, his eyes squeezed shut and his arm moved just slightly, a groan coming from his throat.

Upon hearing slight movement, Ginny turned to look at her brother. She just barely noticed that the rise and fall of his chest has become stronger. Hoping the best, and fearing the worst, Ginny put her hand on his chest, shaking his arm slightly with her other hand, and calling his name softly.

His name moved through George's mind, but he didn't process it until a few more minutes had passed. He opened his mouth to speak and, though he couldn't do it very well, he managed to get one thing out. "Millicent..."

Ginny smiled happily, tears forming in her eyes, "Oh, George, you're awake!" She squeezed his hand tightly, the tears now falling down. The one word that had slipped out of his lips had vanished from her mind, and all she could think about was that her brother was finally back.

The voice was not who he had wanted to hear and once again, he forced his body to speak. "Millicent?" He squeezed back just once before attempting to open his eyes, wincing at the light that was in the room. "Where...?"

Ginny smiled knowingly, "She's fine, George. She's a bit of a mess, but I'm sure she'd never say it, but I do think she missed you. You've been out for quite a while, you know. And look, I know you're worried about Millicent, but the least you could do is give your baby sister a hug. Do you know how scared I was?"

George turned his head toward the voice. "Gin? That you?" He attempted to shift on the bed, clearing his throat. "Water... then hug. If I can."

Nervous that he couldn't figure out that it was her voice, she stuttered, "Yeah, Georgie. It's Gin. Hold on, let me get the cup," reaching for the glass that sat next to George on a table, she brought the cup up to his lips, "Try to take small sips. I'm not going to Azkaban because I drowned my brother in water right after he woke up from whatever this was," she smiled faintly.

George coughed out a laugh after taking a few sips of the water. It felt good, having the cool liquid run down his throat. "You'd blame it on me," he teased.

"Of course I would. I'd tell them my idiot brother stuffed his face in the cup, and because his mouth is so incredibly huge, he suffocated. Or drowned. Whichever. Oh! Right, I have a letter for you, would you like me to read it to you?" She managed a small smile, hoping he would let her, just for the sheer fact that he would know that she knew, and she knew it was partly her doing.

A smile curled around George's face at the description. "When I die, say that I died trying to save something in the cup. At least make me look good." He perked up at the letter, opening his eyes just a bit to look at his sister. "What's it say?"

Ginny grinned excitedly - she'd always loved embarrassing her brothers. She, of course, felt it was her right as a younger sister. The very reason she was alive. Pulling the letter out of her pocket, she read, "Stupid git. How could you let yourself get hurt? Trying to be a hero, eh? You stupid prat. You could have gotten yourself killed, you know. What kind of imbecile would put himself in danger like that? Only a bloody idiot would toss himself into a hex that knocks him out for a month! I thought you were going to bloody die. If you ever do that again, I swear on Merlin's Beard I'm going to hex you until your boy bits fall off and it would be a bloody shame for the both of us," at this, Ginny scrunched her eyes closed disgustedly, "You're so bloody damned lucky I like stupid prats. ♥ Peaches," she finished, smiling happily. "Peaches? Georgie, you really should think of better pet names."

Another laugh escaped George's lips as he heard the letter. He knew who it was from and it made him feel better about what he did. At least Millicent wasn't hurt. "Gin, it's the only way people don't call us crazy. Tell her I'm sorry I worried her and that as soon as I can, I'll sneak into Hogwarts and let her know personally that I'm fine."

Ginny smiled at her brother, "Of course I will. How are you feeling, though?"

"Tired," George told her honestly, letting his eyes close again. "How long did I sleep?"

Ginny began laughing uncontrollably. She wasn't sure how any of this was funny, but her emotions had taken over her in a different way. "You were, er," she began, before falling back into fits of laughter. "Oh, Georgie, I'm so sorry for this. I don't know why I'm laughing. I was just, so, so scared. And, well, about one bloody month, actually, you wanker, so do try to stay up now!"

"Felt like two hours," George told her honestly. "No offence, but why are you here? I thought Fred would be here complaining about how lonely it was without me pranking with him."

Ginny's smile faded, "Yes, well, he probably would have. He was hit too, George. He just woke up the other day. Fred, Mum, Dad, Harry, Hermione, Bill, Charlie, and Ron are all in the lunch hall," she paused, "And, by the way, you idiot, those pranks you pulled were still going off in school last I checked, nobody could get the damned things to stop! I think Malfoy was pretty upset about all of them, actually, he was rushing around the school in a huff. I would have liked them, though. Had you not been hurt. Although, I did rather like the compliments I kept receiving from the Christmas tree ornaments, they were quite nice."

"Ah." George sighed, mentally banging his head on a hard desk. He didn't think Fred would get involved. Fred was supposed to be somewhere else with Mandy and... Merlin, this was going to be hard to explain to him. The mention of the pranks put a small smile back on his face, though. "Well, then I suppose Fred and I still were there, if you had the pranks. Sorry about that, too." He paused and then smirked. "The ornaments were lying..."

"George Weasley! They were not. They told me I had lovely fiery red hair. You know that Dad agrees, and I even asked Dennis and he said he agreed, too. You know, I would slap you right now if I weren't so happy you're awake."

George gave Ginny a pout (at least, the best pout he could while his eyes were still closed). "You'd injure your poor older brother?"

Ginny sighed, "No, I guess not. Not after this, anyway."

"You better not. I don't want to be injured anymore."

Ginny grabbed his hand once more, "I don't want you to be either."

George squeezed the hand, smiling. "How's mum holding up? And dad? Merlin, everybody?"

"Oh, they're all pretty well. Mum, well, you know, she was quite a wreck. She's been a bit better since Fred woke up, but I don't know what she'll do now that you're awake. Speaking of, we should probably ask the nurses to keep some sort of potion handy just in case she faints, or can't stop crying, or, well, something. She's been a mess. Dad, too. He's, well. He just isn't as perky as usual, which is what everyone expected, I think. It's strange watching him, because I've never seen him when he wasn't smiling. Except for that thing that happened when I was 8, but we don't speak of that. Ron is handling himself the best way Ron can. He's Ron, so I've been worried about him. He's never been very good with that emotional side. Harry and Hermione have been worried, too. Even Dumbledore was worried. I went on a, well. I was very upset for a while there. You made me kiss Dennis bleeding Creevey because of that mistletoe, by the way!" She paused, and there was a small muffled word that sounded like 'arse', and then she was smiling at him again, "But everyone will be better now that you're awake."

"I thought Dennis liked the same gender," George mused. "Maybe Fred and I can pass this off as a prank... so mum doesn't get too upset at us."

Ginny smirked, "Yes, well, I think he really does. And I don't think Mum would believe you if you said this was a prank. I think she might kill you. You know, figure of speech. Sort of."

"Sort of? You don't even know if mum'll kill me or not if I tell her this is a prank? Honestly, Gin." George shook his head, relaxing back into the sheets. "You're as bad as Fred."

"George, is your memory all right? Do you remember our mothers temper? To be honest, I'm not quite sure what she would do," Ginny smiled.

"I don't know yet, maybe there was a memory charm in whatever I was hit with." George grinned.

"Git," Ginny replied happily. It was amazing, being able to fight with her brother again.

"You know you don't mean that," George accused.

"Yes, but I'm saying it for the sake of old times and random sibling bickery, so go with it."

"Okay, okay." George smiled softly. "So I'm a git and you're an annoying younger sister."

"I am not annoying! You are a git, though," she grinned.

George stuck out his tongue. "This is old times sake, right? Then it's perfect."

"Fine, then. I'm an annoying little sister, you're the git of a big brother, and since it's old times, and it's really getting late, do you think I could read you a story, like you used to do for me, and we could go to sleep? It's just, everything has been so crazy lately and I just think that maybe the one thing that would be able to relax me is this. Like old times."

"Hmm... what story do you have in mind?" George peeked one eye out at Ginny.

She smiled, "You pick."

"How about that one about the Muggle who thinks he's a dragon? That one was always good." George closed his eyes again.

Ginny laughed, "Of course you would like that one," before she began telling the story. Somewhere in the middle of it, she noticed that George had fallen asleep. She set down the book, and lay next to him on his cot. She liked old times.
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Georgie. Omg. *dies*
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